Satva Biotech is a venture envisioned by three technocrats with abundant global experience, to address the lag between the availability of path breaking and revolutionary products in the areas of Energy, Health and Nutrition in the western world, and their entry into India. These products borne out of painstaking research by reputed firms, largely in Europe, and accepted by diverse global markets as complementing health care, both prophylactic and therapeutic, should be made available to Indians in its pristine form. With that objective Satva Biotech was conceived due to its ties with these renowned companies in Europe and its knowledge of the need for their products in the Indian market, which is seeing a surge in awareness as regards fitness and personal health.


The core values of Satva Biotech revolve around Quality, Purity, and Surety. Acutely aware of the fact that these products are consumed based on trust in the firm, Satva Biotech would always endeavor to procure, process (if required) and pack them in their most pristine form for the consumer to be sure of its efficacy. As these products are processed from natural sources, the company would value the beliefs and sensibilities of the Indian consumer before introducing any product. No corner would be cut nor any compromises made on the quality front because for the consumer to trust the value of the product the company would need to value their trust.