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Satva Raw

SATVA RAW is 24g of protein per 30g serve with no additives and no flavourings, only pure protein whey concentrate from a high-quality source.

With no added flavouring, you can make a protein shake of your choice or if you want to try something different, add it to your porridge to give you a protein kick at the beginning of the day.

With SATVA RAW, you are paying for 100% of protein powder and 0% flavouring making it a ‘purer’ way to get your daily recommended protein dose.

INR: 950

Satva Gold with added DigeZymeTM


SATVA GOLD is 24g of whey protein isolate per 30g serve, with an advanced absorption formula, that helps quickly enhance muscle growth and strength.

As we age we tend to produce fewer enzymes making digestion less efficient, and these digestive enzymes can be very helpful for people who have digestive issues.

Improving digestive health can help improve gut health which can help improve overall health. In other words, adding Satva Gold to the water or milk is like adding fuel to help run the well-oiled machine.

INR: 1500

Satva Gymprot


Pack on some muscle with GYMPROT gainer. Rich in BCAA and other vital nutrients, Gymprot gainer also has the ideal protein to carbohydrates ratio, making it perfect for those wanting to bulk up.

INR: 650

Satva Fitwhey


SATVA FITWHEY is 21g of whey protein concentrate per 30g serve which helps you to fill the protein gap with your regular diets.

Our body constantly uses up protein and does not store it, and therefore it needs to be replenished every day. The added minerals and vitamins, help release energy as well as helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.

In other words, SATVA FITWHEY gives you a protein boost to do more today and everyday.

INR: 1150

Energy Drink

Await our path breaking herbal energy drink made from 6 super herbs to get you in the mood and sustain you through any workout. Blended with Oxystorm a patented product which is a potent blood vessel dilator leading to a surge in energy. It won’t be long before you can lay your hands on this winner from Satva which will pip any of your run-of-the-mill pre-workouts.

Pediatric Plant Protein

We at Satva, are on the threshold of a revolutionary plant based protein powder which addresses the protein needs of young children without having to turn to whey based products. Our chickpea and lentil-based combination will have the perfect amino acid balance for a child’s needs, just wait a little longer.

Adult Plant Protein

Coming soon a perfect blend of chickpea and lentil to address the needs of all those who want to move away from whey-based drinks to fulfill their protein requirements. Perfectly blended and exquisitely flavoured, whether your shift to plant protein is incompatibility with whey or a move to vegan, here is your answer.

Diabetic Friendly Plant Protein

Considering the delicate macro nutrient balance needed for a diabetic friendly protein offering, we will soon be out with a completely plant based, sugar free, drink that delivers optimum protein from a natural plant-based formulation while maintaining glucose levels.



Brainer Gainer Protein Smoothie

Here’s a great snack replacement and energy booster smoothie. Additionally, a great source of micro nutrients and bone density builder!
  • 1 scoop of Satva GYMPROT
  • 5-6 of pistachios
  • 5-6 of almonds
  • 5-6 of cashews
  • 2 of dried figs
  • 3 of dates
  • A pinch of cardamom powder and saffron
  • 150 ml of plain milk
Recipe and Nutritional Advice by Sonal Ajmera